Getting Started Selling Medicare Supplements and Final Expense 101

Undoubtedly, most agents coming to this website aren’t totally green to insurance. Most of you are already licensed and contracted and just looking for insurance leads for your marketing program. But for the tiny portion of aspiring soon-to-be insurance agents who found us either from searching online or finding a mention of us on the [...]
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Top 10 Efax/800 Number Options for Insurance Agents

Either before an agent takes his first app, or when he’s creating his business cards, he’ll have to answer one of two questions: What number will prospects and clients call to get ahold of him, and how will he fax his applications in once he writes them? These two unrelated realizations are inextricably linked now [...]
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Introduction to Online Branding

Introduction to Online Branding & Insurance Marketing for Insurance AgentsThe way that consumers research and make purchases is evolving, as emerging digital channels offer unparalleled convenience and access to info online. Insurance agents aren’t immune to these changes, which means that your insurance marketing strategies must adapt to new technology and the way consumers go about educating themselves on their options and how they decide to take action with choosing a solution.

Why insurance agents need to get online

A recent survey by Marketing Profs says a quarter of Americans make at

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[GUIDE] How to Get Free Insurance Leads with 111 Free Lead Generation Ideas

There’s nothing more enticing in the insurance industry than the opportunity for free insurance leads to fall into your lap. In this blog post, we’ll talk about three aspects of free leads:

Four ways to Get free leads (in exchange for something)
How agents can Find free leads on the internet
Three ways to Generate free insurance leads online

Not only were we able to find free internet lead deals of almost $1,000 for our readers, on top of that, we’ll be sharing 111 lead generation tips and ideas (free of charge) that any

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The Differences Between Final Expense and Medicare Supplements

There are 5,380 Final Expense insurance jobs currently available on LinkedIn, and 2,571 Medicare agent job positions. This doesn’t even include all of the insurance job listings you’ll find on other job boards like CareerBuilder, Indeed, Glassdoor, Simply Hired, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Craigslist or

Hiring insurance agents for the senior market is HOT BUSINESS right now.

But which type of insurance should you sell? In our book, “How to Qualify, Present & Sell Final Expense and Medicare Supplements to Seniors,” we talk about the four significant differences between selling Final Expense and

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A Review of the Top 10 Data List Providers for Insurance Agents

For our first post in the Agent's Review Corner, we're comparing the Top 10 data or mailing list providers for insurance agents. We chose this topic first because agents ask this question a lot—almost as much as they ask who is the best or most affordable lead provider. We figure that the more agents know [...]
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Glen from Lead Heroes Talks About His Latest Book with Nick From the ILIAA Part 2

In this second video with the International Life Insurance Agent Association (the first one can be viewed HERE), I sit down with Nick Perry from the ILIAA to discuss our new book, “How to Qualify, Present & Sell Final Expense and Medicare Supplements to Seniors,” and what it was like gathering more than 30 agents together to make an inexpensive training guide for selling insurance to seniors.

We started by talking about the 4 major problems currently facing America’s seniors:

10,000 baby boomers are retiring every day, seeking the best options for

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Why Lead Heroes is looking beyond leads to help you succeed

A book, a blog, and other marketing resources for insurance agents:

Earlier this year, I realized that I was getting a lot of calls from insurance agents asking similar questions about how to contact, qualify, and ultimately sell to the senior leads that Lead Heroes provides. They couldn’t find practical answers in any insurance journal, book, or online forum (without copious amounts of digging and piecing together of various posts). So I started brainstorming with Justin Bilyj, an independent insurance broker and digital marketing manager, about ways to help agents

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Final Expense Tele-marketed Leads Best Practices

Some of these may sound simple, but these are things that should ultimately increase an agents setting, sitting and closing percentage.

I also come from the school of thought that if the selling is being done in person (face to face) with these leads, that no qualifying questions should be asked during the appointment set (initial call back on the lead).

The goal is to get in front of as many prospects as possible and I designed this lead to do exactly that.

Attempt to make contact within 48 hours of

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Glen from Lead Heroes talks about telemarketing with Rick from the ILIAA Part 1

In this video, I sit down with Rick Bronstein from the Independent Life Insurance Agent Association (ILIAA) to discuss the pros of taking charge of your own lead generation and marketing campaigns, as opposed to looking for an up-line or IMO to provide leads – usually at the expense of your commissions.

We also take a look at the management process of hiring and training your own telemarketers, which can be a legitimate option if you have the time and willingness to wear multiple hats or take on other jobs.

A lot

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