Insurance Agent’s Guide to Handling Objections

One of the most talked about parts of the sales process is the art and science of handling objections. Agents will go to great lengths to find the latest script to turn a stubborn lead into an agreeable client – like they were spells from Merlin’s magical spell-book or something.

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How to Present & Sell Medicare Supplements

Previously in our sales training blog series, we looked at selling Final Expense life insurance plans. In this post, we’ll explore the process of selling Medicare Supplements to seniors.

There are two primary ways to sell Medicare Supplements, depending which prospect niche you’ll be qualifying and presenting to:

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Top 12 Quote Engines for Insurance Agents

In last month’s Agents’ Review Corner post, we talked about the importance of having a customer relations management tool or CRM. The top reasons for having a CRM are to help you keep track of each lead’s contact and case info, and also to automate the process of following up with leads you don’t close right away.

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How to Present & Sell Final Expense Life Insurance

We’ve been blogging a lot about leads – how to generate them, order them, door knock them, contact them and follow up with them to keep your sales pipeline full. Although a steady flow of insurance leads is critical, just having a bunch of leads isn’t the goal. Even the fullest pipeline is worthless unless an agent can successfully turn leads into clients and actually close Final Expense sales.

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Top 10 CRMS For Insurance Agents

Are you struggling to keep your contacts organized, or are you wondering which lead opportunities in your prospect database to prioritize? Maybe you have a CRM right now, but perhaps it doesn’t have the full functionality you need or maybe the price is too high. This article will help you not only understand the full capabilities of what a CRM (customer relations management) can do for you, but also will let you know which CRMs are the most agent friendly.

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Lead Management Tips for Following Up With Prospects in Your Sales Pipeline

In our last sales training blog, we said that contacting leads is the most critical piece of an insurance agent’s sales process. But that’s only the first step, because your goal isn’t to just contact a bunch of leads; your goal is to turn leads into clients. To do that, you need to develop a lead management system to keep your sales pipeline flowing.

Because no matter how well the first call goes, not every single lead you contact will be ready to sign up (or even qualify for) an insurance plan right away — in fact, most of them won’t.

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How To Contact Leads & Overcome Objections To Form The Best First Impression

Contacting leads is a critical piece of any insurance agent’s sales process. Your initial approach to each lead, and the first impressions they form, can make or break your closing rate and frame your entire client relationship. Here’s how 35 agents contact leads and handle objections to make the best impression.

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Keyword Research and Targeting For Insurance Agents

In this post, we will talk about targeting keywords to help augment your online branding efforts. We covered several types of keywords and how to target them in our sales training book. Since the book came out, new discoveries have happened within keyword research that made me want to write a post about it and what it means for insurance agents who utilize SEO for their online branding.

Warning: We will go through some technical subject matter here. Bear through it; the implications we’ll cover in this article could be gamechangers.

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The Complete Guide to Door-to-Door Cold Knocking

Today we will be looking at what some refer to as cold door knocking, canvassing, farming, or as it was known in earlier times: "going door to door." This lead generation technique enablesinsurance agents to prospect for business while minimizing lead generation expenses – a perfect strategy for either new agents on a bootstrap budget, [...]
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Everything Insurance Agents Need to Know Before Ordering Leads

If you're going to be successful selling insurance, the number one priority is getting in front of enough people to qualify them regarding their insurance needs. Basically, your job is to process people, and lots of them – how you do it is the one of the most tremendous obstacles new agents must overcome. In [...]
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