Huge Changes Coming To Lead Heroes In 2018!


Wow, talk about one hell of a year for us! From our book, to our blog, to our expanding lead offerings — Lead Heroes has experienced a killer year as we growth-hacked our way to being the top vendor for telemarketing leads for insurance agents.

If you haven’t kept up with our media coverage, our book has been featured on these industry-leading websites:

But that's just the beginning, as we continue rolling out exciting updates for insurance agents.

Update #1: Tons of Helpful Content on Our Site

Since our book came out, our blog has filled up with helpful posts from our Agents' Review Corner blog series, like:

We also had some really popular posts that are dominating the search engines from our Advanced Guide to Leads blog series, including:

And of course, if you haven't bought our book yet, we featured some of the quotes and tips from our book, added some additional research, and introduced some never-before-seen quotes from our collaborators to create our Insurance Sales Training blog series:

But if you just want the straight scripts from the agents we surveyed, you can check out our brand new eBook:


Click the image above to get our free guide!

Update #2: Podcast Series

In addition to the content we've been writing, we've launched a brand new podcast series for insurance agents called, "The Heroes Huddle Podcast." In this podcast series, we will be interviewing three types of professionals within the insurance industry who will share tips and scripts to help agents close more leads:

  1. Agents
  2. Agency and IMO owners
  3. Insurance Industry Vendors

We're hoping to glean some great insights from people our readers have recommended that we interview, along with other thought-leading industry professionals that stood out to us on the Insurance Forums or other websites.

Our first podcast, if you haven't already heard it, can be found below – featuring a great interview with Matt Mungia, who discusses how to scale your insurance career to make 10K a week in the Final Expense industry.


If you have an idea about who we should interview in our podcast series, drop us a line on our CONTACT US page, and select PODCAST IDEA from the drop-down menu.

Update #3: New Lead Type – Pre-Set Appointments

Usually after receiving a lead order, you have to fire up all of your software systems (dialers, CRMs, quoting tools) for a few hours to call up leads – sometimes multiple times throughout the day, for several days (how time consuming!). Because of the nature of telemarketing leads, agents have to contact leads again after they've been generated – which sometimes causes a loss of interest since the lead was created.

When our customers shared this frustration with us, we started offering both Real-Time and Live Transfer leads. These quickly became popular because they reduced the time agents spent chasing down leads to set appointments.

Real-time leads are emailed to the agent immediately after they've been created, whereas agencies with at least 5 agents available to take incoming calls can elect for the live-transfer option instead, where prospects who are ready to speak to a live agent are immediately transferred.

Our real-time and live-transfer lead options helped agents trim down the sales cycle and close new business even quicker – at a fraction of the time it took agents who were using Standard Leads.

Since then, agents have been asking for a lead that cuts even more time from the sales cycle, to help them set appointments even sooner. Now, agents who don't want to spend time setting their own appointments with our Real-Time/Live Transfers or Standard Final Expense Medicare Supplement or Turning (T65) leads can now have US set appointments on their behalf, letting agents do what they do best – just show up and sell.

Interested in Pre-Set Appointments? Just select this option on our ORDER LEADS page and we'll take care of the rest, so you can just show up and sell.

Update # 4: New Pricing for Leads

If you haven't figured it out after reading this far into the update, Lead Heroes is expanding and growing rapidly so that we can offer increased levels of service and more diverse lead offerings. To accommodate the new lead offerings agents are requesting, and to help us reinforce our staff to offer these new services, we will be raising our prices, effective February 1st, 2018.

Below is our master pricing list that will be found on the ORDER LEADS page starting February 1st:

Lead Type Agent Pricing (20-99 leads) Agency Pricing (100-499 leads) IMO Pricing (500+ leads)
Standard $12.50 $10 $8
Real-Time Leads $20 $18 $16
Live-Transfer Leads $25 $22 $20
Pre-Set Appointments $45 $42.50 $40
T65 Standard Only $20 $18 $16
Term Life Leads $30 $28 $26

Even with all these changes, a few things have not changed around here. Lead Heroes is still committed to giving insurance agents:

  1. Affordable Prices
  2. Quality Service
  3. Diverse Lead Types

With those goals in mind, we raised our prices to accommodate the changes agents wanted, without sacrificing quality or affordability. Again, prices won’t change until February 1st – so you still have some time to lock down some savings on your leads by preordering what you want before the price increase is effective.

Update #5: Our New Lead App!

To help agents close even more leads, we’ve created an intuitive CRM mobile app for our customers. After a lead order is completed, a push notification will be sent out to your mobile device where you can:

  • View leads
  • Take notes on any lead
  • Search or filter for certain leads
  • Change the lead disposition or status
  • View the location of the lead on a map
  • Play the audio recording of the lead being generated

Not only can you call any of the leads immediately upon fulfilment (which is useful for agents who order our real-time leads), but you can also check previous lead orders, and even re-order more leads whenever you’re running low.

To start getting your leads more efficiently, download our app for your mobile phone:

Lead Heroes App

Lead Heroes App Image

Lead Heroes App Screenshot

We'll have more exciting news coming soon, so make sure you subscribe to our email newsletter, so you can be the first to know when updates are available.

And as always, if you have:

  • Scripts or tips that would benefit other agents
  • Ideas on who we should interview for our podcast
  • A dialer, CRM, or quoting tool we didn't cover in a previous blog post

Leave it in the comments section below. If you haven't noticed by now, we really do listen to your feedback, and do our best to accommodate your requests.