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If you want a reliable way of getting in front of insurance prospects every week without breaking the bank, then you will love these 5 types of insurance leads. Whether you sell (or have agents that sell) term life insurance, Final Expense, or Medicare Supplements - our leads will get you in front of more prospects, quicker, at an unbeatable price.

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Independent Insurance Agents

Don't take a cut in commissions just to access lead sources you haven't tested yet. Agents working with Lead Heroes can feel confident taking top contracts knowing they have a reliable lead source and access to a blog full of sales training tips and scripts.

Smaller Insurance Agencies

To save you even more money on larger volume lead orders, we also offer discounted bulk pricing on our leads. This enables insurance agencies to consistently provide their producers with quality leads, even if they don’t have an unlimited marketing budget.

Larger IMOs and FMOs

If you're looking for discounts beyond the listed bulk pricing, contact us to discuss your needs. We work closely with insurance marketing organizations and field marketing organizations to customize solutions tailored to meet their long-term lead generation goals.

"Check out the 5 types of telemarketing leads for agents offered by Lead Heroes"

Fill Your Pipeline with These B2C Insurance Leads


Life Insurance Leads

Set more appointments and close more sales with seniors who want a life insurance plan to spare their loved ones from the cost of the final expenses they leave behind.



Medicare Supplement Leads

Get in front of more seniors every week with our Medigap leads and consistently grow your book of business by helping them compare their Medicare Supplement options.



Turning 65 Leads

Earn lifelong clients by connecting with seniors before they turn 65 and helping them understand the differences between Medigap and Medicare Advantage plans.



Term Life Insurance Leads

Sell more term life insurance or mortgage protection insurance to prospects by having our telemarketers call aged life leads and requalify their interest for you.



Live Transfer Leads

Stop chasing leads and increase your contact and closing ratios with our real-time Medicare Supplement and Final Expense life insurance live transfers.



Coming Soon

After hearing many agents request this type of lead, we are putting the finishing touches on a new lead program to help you improve your prospecting campaigns.


Get on the list to find out when our new lead offering goes live. Trust us - you don't want to miss out on the chance to double your sales in half the amount of time!


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"Wondering if other agents have successfully closed these leads?"

Here are some video and written testimonials

  • Lead Heroes leads were great. Not only did they arrive very quickly, but the ROI was as good as any other leads I have ordered. I would not hesitate to order again or refer any of my agents as well.

    Jimmy H., Utah
  • I used to run my own in-house telemarketing team and I have to say, Lead Heroes is able to duplicate the same results without the expensive overhead. Finding telemarketed leads that have company and premium info doesn't get better than that. I find I have a good ROI when I order these leads...

    Justin B., Ohio
  • Having bought telemarketed leads from many vendors, these are among the top quality for half the price. Lead Heroes is easy to work with and always addresses my concerns.

    Victor C., Tennessee
  • The leads have been pretty good for me, the secret is to call every single one of them.

    Toby F., CA

"Have questions about insurance leads?"

Here are the Most Popular Questions about Insurance Leads

Are these leads exclusive?

Yes, we do not share or resell leads. Your leads are 100% exclusive.

How many leads do I need?

Minimum order for our standard tele-marketed lead is 25, however we always recommend to all agents to order 40 leads or more. You receive a discount when ordering a higher quantity and you are also setting yourself up for success through the law of large numbers.

Do you use a recording or avatar to generate leads?

NO. We do not believe in using recordings or avatars to generate leads here at Lead Heroes. We use a real, live telemarketer to generate each and every lead. You can listen to samples of each lead on our home page www.leadheroes.com.

Do I need to have an account, contract, or membership with Lead Heroes to place an order?

Absolutely not. The only thing required is your payment for your order.

How long until I receive my lead order after I pay?

It can take anywhere from 3 to 7 business days to receive your completed order once we receive payment.

How will I receive the leads?

Leads are sent in a spreadsheet via e-mail. Samples of what the spreadsheet looks like are posted on our home page, www.leadheroes.com.

How do I pay for the leads?

We use PayPal for ease of use and the ability to keep your information private and secure. You can check out by simply filling out our short order form on our 'Order Now' page. We accept all major credit cards and debit cards.

Do the leads come all at once or only a few per day?

We do our best to send COMPLETED orders. As an agent, we know the frustration of only receiving a few leads per day. We send out all leads from that days calling session at the end of the day whether the order has been completed or not.

Will I receive the recording of the phone call?

Yes, you will receive a recording of each and every phone call.

What information is included with the leads?

Name, Address, City, County, State, Age, Birth Month, Estimated income, Notes from the Telemarketer, link to the recording. Check out the samples of the spreadsheet on our home page, www.leadheroes.com.

How much do the leads cost?

This varies depending on the amount of the leads and type of leads ordered. Please check the 'Order Now' page for more information.

Does the price change depending on the area?

No, the price stays the same no matter which state and/or county leads are ordered in.

How much area is needed for a lead order?

We recommend supplying us with 3 to 5 counties for each lead order. If it is a highly populated area, we may be able to use a smaller area.

What is the difference between Real-Time leads and Standard leads?

Real-Time leads are delivered IMMEADITELY via e-mail after they are generated. Standard leads are sent at the end of the calling day (usually around 11PM PST). Real-Time leads have a health qualifying question "Have you had cancer, heart attack, or stroke in the past 2 years?" Standard leads do not ask any health questions.

Do I have to pay for the data with the Aged-Life leads separately?

No. All of our leads include the cost of data, even the Aged Internet Life Insurance leads.

Are these leads TCPA compliant?

Yes, we follow all FCC rules and regulations.

What if I receive a lead that has Medicare Advantage instead of a Medicare Supplement?

Unfortunately, majority of seniors believe they have a Medicare Supplement plan even when they don't. We do our best to screen these leads out but it is inevitable that some leads will not have a Medicare Supplement. This is why we highly recommend choosing an area that has a Medicare Advantage penetration percentage less than 30% (Check out our Medicare Advantage penetration list for the entire USA – MA% List).

Is there anything else I should know?

Tele-marketed leads aren't for everyone, however when worked properly you will have a much HIGHER return on investment than any other lead source.

What if I have more questions?

Send us a message using our 'Contact Us' page, drop us a line via email at leads@leadheroes.com, or give us a call 1-844-7HEROES (437637).


Get on the list to find out when our new lead offering goes live. Trust us - you don't want to miss out on the chance to double your sales in half the amount of time!

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