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Seniors who want to spare their family from the cost of their final expenses will often get a permanent whole life insurance plan for one of three reasons: Either they never got a plan when they were younger, they have a plan but they aren’t sure if they’re overpaying on it, or they want more coverage than they already have.

This presents an opportunity for an insurance agent to meet with seniors to help them compare Final Expense plans and select one that best meets their budget. In order to seize that opportunity, agents need a way to consistently get in front of these seniors – which requires a reliable lead source.

"How do we create these Final Expense leads?"

Understand the 6 Steps We Follow to Generate Exclusive Life Leads

Sales-Trained Staff

Our American-managed foreign call center is staffed with customer-friendly, tech-savvy employees. They are vetted for English fluency and sales experience, and trained in the fundamentals of life insurance and Medicare.

Scrubbed Data

Sales data is scrubbed and TCPA compliant and then loaded into our state-of-the-art CRM dialing platform. Our cutting-edge system promotes efficiency to maximize leads generated - keeping prices low for agents.

Filtered Demographics

The data is then filtered according to state, county, zip code, or cities you've selected. We target demographics to generate life insurance leads between the ages of 50 to 80 years old and between the income ranges of $15,000-$45,000.

Final Expense Script

Leads are generated using a script designed to make it easier for agents to call back. This enables agents to follow up more effectively and set more appointments. To see our Final Expense telemarketing script, CLICK HERE.

Quality Control Process

After a senior requests more information about Final Expense options, the call recording is sent to management for review. This quality control process ensures that only leads that are interested in more information are sent to agents.

Prompt Delivery

The leads are then organized into an easy-to-read Excel spreadsheet and delivered to the agent within 7 business days after ordering. The data can be uploaded into the agent's choice of CRM or dialing software.

"Why are our Final Expense leads the best?"

Here's What Makes These the Best Life Insurance Leads for Agents

Seriously Exclusive

Stop fighting over shared internet leads being called by 25 agents. You'll be the only agent to ever receive this lead - period.

More Meetings

Get in front of more people to present Final Expense life insurance. The more leads you present to, the more sales you can close.

Fast Delivery

Start running leads within 7 days after ordering - filling your pipeline and potentially earning sales within a week.

Affordable Pricing

Having a lead source that is both affordable and consistent is the number one reason for success in the insurance industry.

No Cold Calling Required

Forget cold calling strangers or buying data lists to knock all day - let us prospect for you so you can focus on selling.

High Closing Ratios

Agents who have a solid follow-up process in place do exceptionally well with these leads - check out our blog for closing tips.

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Fill Your Pipeline & Close More Final Expense Prospects


"Wondering if these are better than other types of Final Expense leads?"

Compare Other Lead Methods Below

Fake Avatar Leads

Get a real person-to-person generated lead instead of (potentially illegal) robotic avatar leads offered by some vendors. Start off your client relationships on an honest note.

Expensive Direct Mail

Direct mail leads have the same objections as telemarketing leads - but why pay 400% more for a lead? Invest your money in more leads that get you in front of more people.

Over-Shared Internet Leads

Selling and keeping life insurance business on the books is tough enough as it is, why add more competition to the mix by fighting over shared leads that are later resold?

"Why should you let us create these leads for you?"

12 Hassles You Avoid By Outsourcing Lead Generation

  • Writing and posting job ads for telemarketers
  • Conducting interviews to find qualified callers
  • Vetting job applicants and checking backgrounds
  • HR paperwork and other administrative duties
  • Researching CRMs and dialing software
  • Creating a telemarketing script
  • Training hires on fundamentals of insurance
  • Comparing data vendors' pricing and quality
  • Purchasing data lists, CRMs, and dialing solutions
  • Customizing software settings and messaging
  • Managing telemarketers' performance
  • Firing telemarketers and repeating the process again

"Do you know why we beat the competition?"

Learn What Sets Lead Heroes Apart from Other Final Expense Lead Providers

No Commitments

Don't worry about any contracts, long-term commitments, or cancellation fees, only buy what you need when you need it

No Cherry Picking

Some telemarketing companies also run agencies that get first dibs on leads generated - we don't have those conflicts of interest

Top Customer Service

If you have questions, you’ll always talk to someone on the phone when you call and have emails returned to you by the next day

No Reselling Leads

Unlike other lead companies, you will never see us reselling leads, once a lead is yours, it will always be 100% yours

We Know Insurance

Previous experience in the insurance industry has helped us understand how to make quality Final Expense leads

Secure Payment Options

Pay for leads using a secure online form - no more faxing in orders, mailing in checks, or canceling by phone

No Shenanigans

Because we operate with integrity, you won't have to deal with any billing hassles or mysterious charges

Lead Replacement Policy

We will replace any lead that did not request more information or agree to a call back from an agent

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Check out these top tips and scripts to close more Final Expense leads


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