15 Ways to Scale Your Sales with Matt Mungia

For the first episode of our new podcast series, “The Heroes Huddle with Glen Shelton,” we are interviewing Matt Mungia of The Insurance Squad. He’s one of the 35 agents who collaborated with us on our book, “How to Qualify, Present & Sell Final Expense & Medicare Supplements to Seniors.” Subscribe to our show on [...]
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Top 16 Website Design Agencies Specifically for Insurance Agents

If you’re reading this, you’re either contemplating getting a website (or redesigning the one you have) – or you’re tired of messing around with coding and other back-office features of WordPress, and you’ve decided to let a professional handle your website for you. Some insurance agents don’t have the time to build and maintain their own website, like we covered in our last blog. There’s no shame in outsourcing this work to more skilled individuals; unfortunately, in a world full of hucksters, pricing variances, and the dreaded blackhat online marketing methods – you need a web designer that you can trust.

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Agent’s Guide to Creating an Insurance Website

Previously in this blog series, we covered the reasons why you want to be found online and the importance of online branding for insurance agents. Then, we explained how to perform keyword research to isolate the search terms your prospective insurance customers are typing to find the solutions you sell. Now, in this post, we’ll go over everything you need to know to create your own insurance website, so you can position yourself for maximum online exposure.

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Agent’s Guide to Cross-Selling and Obtaining Referrals from Clients

Previously in our sales training blog series, we covered what agents need to do AFTER the sale to offer good customer service so clients don’t lapse their policy. In this post, we’ll explore two other activities that agents can utilize after the sale to get the most out of their lead budgets: cross-selling additional policies to their leads and clients, and seeking referrals from them.

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Top 11 Errors and Omissions (E&O) Providers for Insurance Agents

You’re probably wondering why Lead Heroes is doing a blog post aboutE&O coverage, or how this post might help you close more leads?

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Insurance Agent’s Guide to Customer Service & Preventing Lapses

Previously in our sales training blog series, we talked about making the sale with polished Final Expense or Medicare Supplement presentations. We even looked at common objections agents encounter when trying to close leads on a plan. Now we’re going to cover what happens AFTER you make a sale, take an application, and enroll a senior in a plan.

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Top 9 Continuing Education (CE) Providers For Insurance Agents

Lately we’ve been reviewing tools agents use to help them close more leads, from Quoting Tools to CRMs and Dialers. But along the way to selling insurance, sooner or later you’ll need to take continuing education classes. It’s the one thing that links beginners and established agents.

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Top 12 Dialers for Insurance Agents

Scratching your head trying to figure out which dialer to use for your outbound prospecting? No problem! We have you covered, as we reviewed the top 12 dialers we find insurance agents recommending all over the web. Not only are we going to break down what a dialer is, but we are going to:

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Insurance Agent’s Guide to Handling Objections

One of the most talked about parts of the sales process is the art and science of handling objections. Agents will go to great lengths to find the latest script to turn a stubborn lead into an agreeable client – like they were spells from Merlin’s magical spell-book or something.

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How to Present & Sell Medicare Supplements

Previously in our sales training blog series, we looked at selling Final Expense life insurance plans. In this post, we’ll explore the process of selling Medicare Supplements to seniors.

There are two primary ways to sell Medicare Supplements, depending which prospect niche you’ll be qualifying and presenting to:

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