About Us

Telemarketed Leads Done Right

Lead Heroes began in early 2015 when I realized there had to be a better way to get a telemarketed lead. As an independent agent, I have tried all types of lead sources; live telemarketer, avatar, voicemail, direct mail, internet, just to name a few. I discovered the lead with the highest return on investment, as well as staying consistently high in quality (along with many other benefits) were live telemarketer leads. Yes, I use living, breathing people talking to other people to create these leads!

I operate Lead Heroes entirely on my own; hiring (firing), training, and managing my team of remote telemarketers. The savings on operational costs gets passed along to you. Live telemarketed leads for 30% - 70% less!


Glen Shelton
President of Lead Heroes LLC


Lead Heroes team in Manila, Philippines.


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