15 Ways to Scale Your Sales with Matt Mungia


For the first episode of our new podcast series, “The Heroes Huddle with Glen Shelton,” we are interviewing Matt Mungia of The Insurance Squad. He’s one of the 35 agents who collaborated with us on our book, “How to Qualify, Present & Sell Final Expense & Medicare Supplements to Seniors.”

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Anatomy of a $10,000 Week

Matt starts off talking about his popular video, “Anatomy of a $10,000 Week,” which explains what it takes to make $10,000 in one week as a Final Expense agent. The two main takeaways are:

  1. Increase the number of leads you’re working
  2. Be willing to meet the leads when it’s convenient for them (not you)

Matt says that if you increase your activity by buying or generating more leads, it leads to more presentations – and more presentations lead to more sales.

Matt Works the Math

Increasing your Final Expense lead flow will undoubtedly bring you sales. But how is Matt able to bring in over $500,000 in premiums in one year (roughly 600 life insurance applications)?

50 Leads = 25 Appointments = 20 Presentations = 15 Applications Per Week

Average Commission = $600 per year ($45 per month premium)

$600 X 15 = $9,000

Don’t forget to factor in prospects’ spouses, which easily pushes your commissions over $10,000. This doesn’t take into consideration cross-selling your clients a Medicare plan, or generating referrals – which can increase your commissions even more!

15 Ways to Scale Your Sales

Matt shares 15 tips to help scale your sales and make $10,000 or more week as a Final Expense agent. Check out the video to see all 15 tips, and leave a comment to let us know what you thought about the podcast. If you have an idea of who we should interview next, leave your suggestions,too.


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